BA Theatre

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  • Any admitted TCU student may declare a BA Theatre major; no additional audition, portfolio review, or interview is required. BA students are not required to participate in annual juries with the Theatre faculty.
  • Consistent with TCU’s tradition of Liberal Arts education, all TCU Theatre majors are exposed in all facets of production, performance and scholarship. All BA take a common core of Theatre courses including Design, Stagecraft, Acting, Lighting, Costuming, Makeup, Script Analysis, Theatre History and Directing.

    "Doubt, A Parable"

    Doubt, A Parable (2009)

  • All Theatre TCU production assignments are open to BA Theatre students, as well as all TCU students. BA students are regularly cast in productions, and have designed, directed, stage managed, and fulfilled all crew assignments as well.
  • Because the BA requires only about half as many Theatre credits as the BFA degree, BA students have minors, or they may consider declaring a second major. There is enough flexibility in a normal four-year period to complete two BA majors and graduate on schedule