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The Crowd You’re In With, written by Rebecca Gilman and directed by Jennifer Engler, was a special show that raised questions most of us students will not have to wrestle with for a few more years at least, the central question being: “Do I want to have children?”

When at this stage in our lives, freshman to senior, we’re all just trying to remember whether or not we ate lunch today. So I decided to ask the cast of The Crowd You’re In With here at Theatre TCU a much easier question:

What was your experience with Crowd like?

Here’s what some of them had to say:


Jesse Elgene (Dan) I was so fortunate to get to be in with this crowd for the run of the show. Each individual involved helped cultivate one of my favorite collegiate experiences to date.


Ashlee Waldbauer (Windsong) Crowd was a great experience for me personally because it really put in perspective all the different life-changing decisions we have to make.



Grant Lattanzi (Dwight) Crowd was a fantastic experience. The small ensemble made it easy for us to all bond and work together. Everyone was so welcoming. This was a perfect first show for me as a freshman at TCU.






Logan Lane (Tom) Working on this production allowed me to have a deeper sense of what it means to work as an ensemble. Each of us had to give all that we had in order to support one another. We worked as a team. It was one of the most challenging and satisfying things I’ve done while at TCU.

Carroll Herring (Karen) Crowd was my favorite play I’ve worked on thus far at TCU. It meant a lot to my education and training as an actor, while also encouraging me to examine how I live my life, and I feel I live life with more intention having worked on it.



Meet the Cast: The Crowd You’re In With from Theatre TCU FrogVlogs on Vimeo.


Written by:
Devin Berg
BFA Theatre-Emphasis in Musical Theatre
Texas Christian University (’17)